Creating a Clothing Budget

I strongly believe in having a clothing budget. For about five years now, I have had my own clothing budget that is helped me dress better, given me peace of mind, and help me save a lot of money. Each month, I write down everything I buy and why I bought the items. Keeping a clothing budget has been a wonderful thing for me. Today, I will discuss why it may be a wonderful thing for you as well.

There are many reasons why having a clothing budget is a good idea:

  • Clothes are a necessity: everyone must have clothes you can’t leave the house without them. Because of this, your personal budget should include clothing. If you are organizing your finances, you should never overlook this category. Whether they are work clothes for your job at HVAC Pinellas Park, or clothes for you to go out and have fun in, they need to be part of your budget.
  • It helps to relieve guilt: I noticed that when I created a clothing budget, it relieved my buyers guilt. Even though I love fashion, I despise having to spend money on clothes. The guilt of spending that money used to keep me awake at night. Creating a budget helped me with this because, if the clothes are in my budget, it’s fair game. I no longer feel guilty when I spent within my budget.
  • It helps with peace in the family: if you have shared finances, setting a budget can be a wonderful way to help keep peace in your home. It keeps you from having to discuss each purchase or hide your shopping bags. When what you buy is in the budget that you have both agreed on, the clothes are fair game.
  • It helps you make good purchasing decisions: having a budget helps me to make decisions on what I purchased. If I have $200 set aside spend, I see my purchases as a piece of that pie. A jacket priced at $80 may be marked down from $300 and seem like a great deal, but since it is almost half of what your budget is, it may not be the best way to spend your money. Being a smart shopper is a big part of being a well-dressed consumer.

There are many other reasons you should consider having a budget for your clothing, but these are my top reasons. If you can think of others, feel free to add them to the list.



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