Organizing Your Closet

When I am getting ready for my receptionist job at Fast Towing Largo, I want to be as efficient as possible when getting ready for work in the morning. With 5 kids to get ready for school, it can be a challenge to get it all done. If you are like me, I have tons of clothes, and I can pretty much wear what I want, so I try to change it up a lot. I have a pretty good sized closet, so I have room to spread everything out where it’s easily accessible. these are the steps for making your morning routine a breeze.


  1. Shirts– I hang all my shirts, T-shirts, workout shirts and the ever so popular, “black shirt” who doesn’t have tons of Black. It looks so good on you and makes you look slim, which is where I need help. I organize all my shirts by color, whether it’s prints, stripes or solids. THis makes it easy when looking for a certain color and certain style. OK, everyone has quirks, my closet is one of them, but I also have to have my hangers all the same way. Call me OCD? It’s the one thing I have control over in my every so hectic house.


  1. Pants and skirts– I love hanging things because that means less I have to iron. OK, let’s get serious, I don’t even own an iron or an ironing board. But I do own a steamer. I use to own my own shop (before kids)  and this thing is  still going strong after 15 years (the steamer that is!)
  2. Jeans, boy, do I love my jeans. Can have too many. Different colors, different styles, lengths, and I could go on and on. These are the one things that I put in my drawer. I roll them up, (just like those organized do gooders do when traveling.)  This way, I can see them all, instead of the way I use to do it, flat and on top of each. who does that? You can even see them.
  3. Unmentionables– Sorry, I can’t mention them, but they are safe and tucked away in my drawer, and no, they are not folded.
  4. Shoes and boots– For me, I keep my boots in the box they came in. That is the only time I keep the boxes. I organize my shoes on my Ikea pull outs. I live in Florida, so who doesn’t love a strappy sandal.
  5. Purses, bags, and more bags- need I say more???. I just love to organize my things in bags. Whether it’s a purse, shopping bag or duffle bag. It doesn’t matter where I am going, I have to have a purse and a bag to organize all my stuff. I have to be stocked and stacked with all things necessary.  I have to confess, I am a purse freak. I have long hooks for all my purses with handles, whether they are big buckets, small crossbody or a cute little evening purse with handle. THey have to be hung, so they do not lose their shape. I also try to keep all my other bags handy, shoved away in a drawer.


I hope like my blog and hope you come visit me again!!

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